What is Commercial Towing and How Much Does it Cost?

What is Commercial Towing and How Much Does it Cost?

At some point in our life, we would need towing to move our vehicles from one point to another, especially those who do not have the capabilities to carry on their own. For example, you would need to have a towing service for your car if all your tires are flat and you did not have enough spare tires to change all of them. Towing is also needed if we are involved in an accident, and the authorities need to clean up the road to prevent traffic buildup.


Now that we know there are different purposes for towing, we should not proceed with the different types of towing. We have light towing and heavy towing, and even though they look the same, they are different from each other.

This article will answer the question: What is Commercial Towing, and How Much Does it Cost?

To answer the question, “What is Commercial Towing and How Much Does it Cost?” let’s talk first about what commercial towing is.

For starters, commercial towing deals with towing to heavier vehicles such as trucks, RVs, and travel trailers, which require more heavy-duty equipment due to their sheer weight. It is also used in handling other large-scale projects involving heavy machinery and equipment. Since commercial towing uses more high-end and large-scale equipment meant for operations that involve heavier vehicles, it costs more than the usual light towing.


Towing prices may vary depending on specifics and the towing company’s rates because of its years of experience in the field. Still, the national average ranges from $75 to $125, depending on the inclusions in the rates and the additional services you might need to have. Other high-end commercial towing companies charge as high as $300, as insurance can also play a massive role in pricing these services.

All towing companies such as commercial towing san jose have insurance in case the vehicles they are carrying might get damaged during the service. Still, commercial towing insurance coverage are much more expansive AND expensive since it handles heavy equipment and heavy vehicles. Therefore, the insurance coverage for commercial towing shall cover all the necessary towing costs on top of the additional rates that customers might have to avail themselves of when having commercial towing services.

It is the best decision to talk to your commercial towing company for a more comprehensive breakdown of the costs to prepare you for the actual amount you might spend in handling a commercial towing service.

Our Takeaway

What is Commercial Towing, and How Much Does it Cost? Commercial towing deals with heavier vehicles, heavier equipment, and more comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure the safety of your commercial vehicles or RVs during the service.

It is more expensive than standard towing services, so you must be financially ready before you avail of commercial towing for your different needs. However, even though these are more expensive than the regular towing services, the prices usually cover the insurance for your vehicle and other necessary fees and rates that you must avail of for the commercial towing service.