Types of Air Conditioner You Should Be Familiar With

Types of Air Conditioner You Should Be Familiar With

Just like the appliances in your home, air conditioners such as Arctos Air Conditioner come in different types. Even if you are not convinced that one type of air conditioner or another will suit your needs and lifestyle, here is the lowdown on three types that may be worth consideration. The following are types of air conditioner you should be familiar with:

1. Portable air conditioners

These small machines weigh around 70 pounds and can be placed on a table or stored in a closet. They are best used in an inconspicuous area because they may severely impact the furniture and flooring they are placed upon.

To operate portable air conditioners, you need to connect them to an electrical outlet and then manually turn them on by pressing the switch.

2. Window air conditioners

These are installed within the window frame to free up floor space and prevent the need for additional ventilation. Their installation uses the same poles you use for your curtains, such as rods and clips. Window air conditioners provide a significant amount of cooling power because they are so close to the wall or floor. This also means that even if they don’t have enough cooling power, they will still provide some relief from heat and humidity.

They are suitable for most residential homes and can be installed quickly. The standard size is 20 x 14 inches, which provides enough cooling power for a room or an individual apartment.

3. Ductless air conditioners

These are also known as mini-splits because of their ability to cool individual rooms. They are a combination of a compressor and condenser that does not require duct work, which makes them appealing for those who have not specialized their homes for air conditioners or who want a single unit instead of multiple window units.

Most of them have wheels with casters to make moving them an easy task. You can connect the unit to a wall outlet, hose it into the room or place it on a table. Ductless air conditioners typically have three or four fan speeds that are controlled by a dial or a single remote.

They are universally sized and can be installed outside or inside of your home. The specific size of your unit will depend on the room it is installed in and the temperature you need to cool.

4. Central air conditioning

This is a system that keeps the air in your entire home cool. This can be done by blowing cold air into the ducts and utilizing a central unit to distribute the cool air throughout all rooms in your home, or by putting a separate cooling unit in each room. Central air conditioning is more expensive than portable units. The small units are easier to install and can be placed up to 30 feet away from the air handler, which means you can even place the unit near a fire door or an exterior wall. A more substantial central system will typically use multiple air handlers and air ducts with individual units for each room. Learn more about central air conditioning here.

In conclusion, there are many different types of air conditioners and each one has a range of benefits and drawbacks. You should consider the different types that are suitable for your needs and budget, as well as whether you want to purchase a personal unit or use your existing system to cool multiple rooms.