How to Unblock BBC iPlayer from Anywhere in the World

How to Unblock BBC iPlayer from Anywhere in the World

Watching movies are TV shows has now shifted the concept altogether over to the digital screens at home. We can have the best experience with all the content on OTT platforms with a yearly payment that would only cost as much watching one movie with your family. BBC iPlayer is one of the most popular streaming services available in the UK, and it lets viewers delve deeper into the world of the characters without having to travel to the theatres. However, BBC iPlayer isn’t accessible in any other country because of its policy to function only with devices having a UK IP address.

A workaround is undoubtedly required if you stay somewhere away from the UK. These restrictions by geography don’t let the international audience enjoy any of the shows and movies on this platform, be it their site or app. A solution to this issue is employing a VPN, which can work through various stages to open these websites for you. Not all VPNs will work for BBC iPlayer, making it extremely important to check out the most effective networks. Let us look at the process involved in unblocking BBC iPlayer from any part of the world other than the UK.

How to Employ VPN to Unblock BBC iPlayer

Virtual Private Network services encrypt a device’s internet traffic by implementing various codes online through an intermediary server at a location of the user’s choice. All the user has to do is download a particular VPN that can work well in your region and for your needs, set up an account on the platform, and start looking for a server in the UK. By choosing an appropriate server in that country, you will be able to access the sites limited to only that region.

When your IP address is viewed as one from the UK, the BBC iPlayer algorithm will accept the data and allow you access. BBC iPlayer has started cracking down on this circumvention by picking all the low-quality VPN used. So, when you are using a VPN for your device, make sure you opt for the best in the market. With higher quality VPN, your data will not be tracked.

One of the greatest benefits of using such networks to unblock BBC iPlayer is that your data gets encrypted. Apart from the tracking down processes by the streaming platform, you must also be careful of the situations where you use a public Wi-Fi at an airport, conference center, hotel, or any place of that sort. All your data is being put at a huge risk by accessing the platform with this internet connection. The Best VPN for BBC Iplayer is ExpressVPN, a reliable service that allows you to stream content on iPlayer from anywhere in the world. The 30-day money-back guarantee makes this the best option.

Other popular VPN services that can be used to unblock BBC iPlayer are NortdVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost, PrivateVPN, SaferVPN, VyprVPN, and Hotspot Shield. If you find some difficulty unblocking any of these services, you can ask customer service for help or check for the next best VPN.

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