Different Types of Business Cards

Different Types of Business Cards

Networking has changed immensely over the years to make the world connected in the most effective ways. The dynamic existing in the digital space ascribes to the opportunities created by technology. Online businesses have gained a lot of profit and potential to grow with the increasing prevalence of devices. Marketing is one area that these businesses need not be concerned about because companies from around the world are working to help them create a significant online presence. However, face-to-face meetings and official conferences cannot be avoided since it has the real experience which everyone seeks.

Not everything can be shifted to the screens, and with these inevitable offline meetings come other requirements. Business cards are an integral part of that real experience because they work even today to improve sales. If you own a company and have business card needs but are unaware of the basics of its designs, you must first learn the different types available. Let us look at the different types of business cards.

1.     Standard Business Card

Business cards are always used to represent your brand and the services you provide. It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup or a reputable company; the standard business card must contain all the basic information. Rectangular shape, white or cream color, and non-coated printing are preferred by most companies when ordering standard business cards. If you are a beginner in the field, it is best to choose standard business cards for all your basic needs. Business Card Prints are offered in the highest quality by designing the material according to your requirements. Various color palettes for the card wouldn’t be a good idea; so, make sure to stick to the less vibrant shades.

2.     Premium Business Card

This must be chosen if you have the budget for better designs and finish. The Premium-ness of your card will depend on the money you are willing to put into it. The benefit of using this type is the luxury of displaying your services with a premium look. Different shapes can be used with premium business cards, but they mustn’t be as unconventional as exasperating potential customers. With premium cards, you can also try other colors.

3.     Matte Business Card

For business owners who need a professional look for their cards but aren’t too particular about innovative designs, the matte business card would be the ideal choice. The shapes opted must go well with your brand’s aim and the size of the card. A matte card will represent the quality of your services; so, any material or print providing the feel of silk can make the card of the desired quality.

4.     Gloss Business Card

Businesses related to design, fashion, cosmetics, hospitality, and beauty care must try printing gloss business cards. Other types of business can also opt for this, but make sure it is in line with your brand. The vibrant and luxurious look of your card is likely to bring you great sales.

5.    Embossed Business Cards

If you are looking for the highest level of professionalism, embossed cards are the ones for you. Embossing the cards will give the customers a sudden impression of the superlative services you provide. All the important elements of your company can be easily highlighted with the design used on this card.

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