About Us

A division of Yesup Ecommerce Solutions, MyAdmarket.com is sincerely committed to providing comprehensive, private-labelled Open Media Exchange Platform for advertisers, webmasters, ad networks, and agencies. Our complete solution empowers agencies, advertisers, and publishers to distinguish themselves with their diverse clients. The Internet Marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and our company is working harder than ever to meet all-encompassing challenges and develop new technologies and innovative marketing tools. Our objectives remain the same – to provide you with the best return on your advertising dollar, by delivering affordable, high quality internet marketing programs and services.

To help advertisers convert visitors to buyers and gain more control over their online ad campaigns, we proudly introduce our private-labelled Open Media Exchange Platform. It is a completely transparent platform, where advertisers can administer where their ads are placed, to whom they target, and to how much they are willing to bid.

MyAdmarket.com aspires to help alter the way the world views online advertising. Advanced features, emerging technologies, and state-of-the-art tools altogether combine to allow publishers to efficiently manage their inventory and maximize their revenues. Advertisers can fully control their online campaigns, drive their return on investment, and practice efficient, smart, and simple marketing. Ad networks can set up and develop partnerships to exchange ads or traffic with other networks and users.

In setting up MyAdmarket.com, our ultimate challenge was to create and develop a completely transparent and effective platform, where advertisers, publishers, and consumers can manage and advertise under their own conditions. We have conquered that challenge through this innovative and robust solution, and we look forward to working with you and helping you employ MyAdmarket.com to efficiently meet your own objectives.