ad_agMyAdMarket®(MAM®) Advertiser/Agency Solution helps you setup your own advertiser account and create advertising campaigns by targeting different ad networks which also use MAM®. You can choose the traffic supplier on the Exchange Dashboard. MAM® gives you controls and functions to manage your own advertisers and campaigns.

  • Campaign budget control and optimization
  • Various targeting options and ad formats
  • Customizable functions & member area
  • Build-in proxy traffic filter
  • Cross network real-time bidding
  • Multi-channel traffic driving
  • Organized administration platform
  • Detail reports & optimization controls

pub_netMyAdMarket®(MAM®) Publisher/Network Solution provides a comprehensive set of online advertising functionality that can be customized to let you involve all parties of online advertising circle (Advertiser, Publisher and Reseller). Your MAM® system can be as complex or as simple as you would like in order to fit with your business goals.

  • Express setup and data translatable
  • Flexible system customization
  • Mutable member area interface
  • Operate on your domain
  • Filter proxy fraud traffic
  • Build-in traffic exchange market
  • Integrated billing system
  • 3rd party XML feeds management
  • Automatic default ads
  • Detailed campaign reports

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